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Dreamland chainsaw


“I guess for some it’s hard to admit they love someone. Becoming vulnerable, letting the other know they have a degree of power over you. It’s frightening. Leaping into the air ten feet high, out of your comfort zone, as if you sprouted wings in the blink of an eye, not knowing if your lover will be able to catch you as you crash down hard onto them with the passion of a thousand suns. You could burn them to a crisp. So who do you think has the real pow…?” Looking over to her, i noticed her departure into Dreamland. She must have been exhausted after going through that reality-bending orgasm. I pulled a thin blanket over her. She cooed and turned around into a fetus position.

It was late in the afternoon. The once blazing sun was settling in the horizon, leaving its warm, almost crimson remains on the walls of her apartment. Being close the the sea, a breeze was gently blowing through the thin-stitched drapes of the open balcony door. It was a scenery bathed in melancholy. I felt the need for more, to become grounded with the beauty of this moment. So i let myself fall to the floor, next to the sofa, watching over her as she steadily began to snore like a chainsaw. This obvious contrast made me chuckle. She was so tender and yet so raw. Beautifully imperfect. In thirty years from now maybe this snoring will annoy the crap out of me, or maybe i’ll be lucky enough to maintain the same kind of love for her as i feel now. It’s not the imperfections that create a gap of disgust between two lovers over time, but the way we perceive those imperfections. We hold onto their past image too dearly, desperately complaining and pushing our ideas of beauty upon them, in an attempt to regain what was lost, forgetting to understand that they are as human as us, forgetting to be better ourselves, forgetting to accept them as they are. Male or female, when it comes to love and beauty, you don’t push. You lead and inspire.

Becoming lost in my own thoughts, i failed to notice that she had woken up. A hand touched my forearm, ripping me away from the lucid dream. She yawned like a little lioness. “Come, sleep with me.”, she sweetly demanded, as she kept pulling on my arm. I kissed her forehead before nestling behind her. We were both still naked, which made me want to go again. “I have dirty thoughts about you right now.”, i uttered. “Do you want to drive me to insanity earlier than programmed?”, she asked with a smile. “No. Definitely not. It’s just that, the image of your lustful expression keeps revolving in my head, your ecstatic moans still haunting my ears. And the sensation…” I needed to breathe out heavily. “…the sensation of your moist pink, tightly squeezing the life our of me, not wanting to let go…” I didn’t need to continue because my erection was already poking her behind. “And here i thought we could cozily sleep together.”, she said with a somewhat annoyed tone. “But we still can.”, i replied. I grabbed my erection, placing it between her legs. I could feel her warm juices slowly covering me. “And what’s this then? Pre-sleep lubrication?”, i asked smiling. “No. Just the side-effect of your voice speaking those words earlier. You can’t blame me for this.”, she replied playfully. “I don’t want to blame you, i want to be closer. Inside you.”, i beggingly replied. With a slight english accent, she said: “You may enter. But do not move, Sir.” I did as told, both moaning on impact. I immediately felt the need to hug her to my chest, closing my eyes. The weariness seeped through my flesh and bones almost instantly, calling me to the other side, as i melted away to the sound of my purring chainsaw.

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