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Edging kiss


We had reached the entrance to her apartment, still holding hands. “Hey, wait a moment.”, i vocalized. As she turned to me, i nabbed her closer, pressing my lips against hers until i felt the need to see the light again. She didn’t flinch, nor did she try to flee when the length of the moment dragged itself into the awkward.

With our lips departed, she opened her eyes, blinking fast two times. “What was that?”, she asked with a serious tone. “A kiss.”, i replied smiling. “I know that, captain Obvious. But why now? You could have waited until we went inside my apartment.” “I just felt like it.”, i replied. “We’ve known each other from work for about a year and you never showed any sexual interest in me, so why now?”, she asked visibly confused. “Was that not romantic enough for you?”, i smirked. She began smiling. “Stop dodging the question.” While looking away she added: “It was ok. I liked it.” I leaned in close to her ear and whispered “Because i want you now.” She began to rummage through her bag hastily. “Uh… yes we should…” She gulped. “… we should get inside.” With trembling hands she managed to place the key in the lock and open the door. “Welcome to my cozy den.”, she rapidly said, throwing her bag somewhere in the hallway and running towards the open door of the bathroom, slamming it shut from the other side. Flowing water could be heard. Closing the front door, “Are you ok?”, i asked knowingly. “Yes, yes, i’m fine. Make yourself comfortable.”, she replied with a somewhat distressed voice.

Snooping around, i found the overcrowded bedroom. “Where are you?”, she shouted. “In the bedroom, i think.” She came in wearing the same business clothes. “What is THAT?”, i asked pointing to the pink fluorescent light flamingo pinned above the bed. “Mood lighting.”, she replied. “Above your bed?” She quickly went to the window, closing the black velvet curtains. “Let me show you.” As she flipped a switch next to the bed, the entire room became engulfed in a dark pink tint, making it resemble more a love hotel suite, than a plain recess in the suburbs. She moved next to me. “What do you think?”, she asked. “Did you steal that from outside a striptease lounge?”, i asked in return, chuckling. “Yes, just after i blowjobed the bouncer.”, she replied with a slight frown on her face.

I heard a *click* sound right after something wrapped itself around my left wrist. As i raised my left arm, i could see a pair of handcuffs with pink fluff around them. “You must be joking.”, i intoned surprised. “Am i?”, she replied, snagging the other cuff and pulling me towards the bed. “N-no!”, i expressed. “I know you want to. Remember the sex scene with June you wrote?” I pulled my left hand back. “That was fiction!”, i said, trying to protest. She continued: “Precisely! We write down that which we don’t or can’t have, so stop acting like a little girl who’s about to be molested and come here!”, she demanded. Smirking i asked: “Oh, and if i don’t obey will you bring out the whip?” Locking eyes with me, she asked with a calm tone: “Is that a question or a wish?” Without any further words, i immediately walked towards the bed and laid down, placing my hands above my head. I heard another *click* sound. “Now…” She jumped right next to me. “…tell me…” She began to unbutton my shirt. “…the real reason why you kissed me today and not sooner.” “You know, this is starting to resemble more of an interrogation where torture is involved, than a hot sex date.”, i fearfully uttered as she slowly pulled apart my shirt, revealing my chest. She intoned a dragged out “Yes” while gently poking one of my nipples. “…that depends on…” She clutched a nipple between her fingers. “…you.” She twisted.

A low groan escaped my lips. “That was a classic torture line.” She stretched out her tongue, licking the same nipple, then sucking it with small random but gentle bites in between. “Ok, i’ll talk! I’ll talk!”, i exclaimed quickly while huffing rapidly. She rested her head on my chest: “I’m listening.” “But please don’t stop!”, i begged. She shook her head, smiling: “You’re such a perv.” I could feel her hand slowly crawling towards my crotch, her eyes pinning me down. “Ok, so…” The zipper of my jeans began to move, making me stop for a second and look up at the pink flamingo. “Yes?”, she intoned. “I often feel and think too much, but act too little, making me encase myself in my own world, without much regard for others. And others do the same thing. We are all strangers to one another until somebody takes the first step.” She removed her head from my chest. “Then let me take this first step as well.”, she said, jerking my underwear away and burrowing her head into my crotch. Another low but long groan came out of me, this time being forced to grab the iron bars of the bed. I closed my eyes, trying to find any remains of concentration i had left in me. “But on the other hand, if i were to take ac… action constantly, without feeling or thinking, t-then my actions would eventually feel shallow. M-meaningless actions would eventually form into a meaningless life. Balance is such a fickle bitch.”

She took a breather. “So you decided to act and kissed me on an impulse?” “Well, that and getting myself handcuffed to a bed.”, i replied smiling. “If that’s the case, then how about that whole “i refuse to ever fall in love again” stuff, you told me a while back at work? And don’t you dare debate with me what and what isn’t love. Two people don’t need to confess their love through “i love you”. There is an insane amount of ways to do this. Here’s my confession.”, she said, beginning to lick my erection like a lollipop. “Then i think i have a ton of confessions to you i need to catch up on. One year is a long time.”, i remarked. She gently bit into my shaft, holding for a few seconds, before releasing me. I winced. “Stop dodging questions. I’m not the focal point today.”, she said smiling, after which she continued the tongue play. “I was a fool back then. The truth is that when you live, you love. It’s unavoidable. Even people who can’t love other people still find something in this world to love. So, earlier when i said “Because i want you now”, i didn’t lie.” Her romantic antennas must have been activated by my words. She raised her head and started slowly crawling towards me on all fours: “Do you still want me now?” I played along: “May i be released?” She lifted her skirt all the way up to her hips, revealing thigh-high black stockings. Her underwear was missing. “Stop… dodging… question.”, she said as she moved her hips back and forth with every word, her slit wetting my shaft further and further until her opening was positioned right where it should have. I could feel how i was slowly melting into her. “I don’t want to answer because i don’t want you to change anything about the pleasure you are giving me right now. It’s slow, it’s agonizing, but i’m loving every second of it.” She began to move a little faster until she reached the end of my shaft, then back up, maintaining the pace. “Then how about this?” The pleasure intensified. “I really REALLY want to touch you.”, i begged again. “I can’t let you do that. I need you wanting.” I squeezed my eyes shut. “You are evil incarnate!”, i shouted as the waves of pleasure kept on pilling up. Chuckling, she seductively asked: “When did evil feel this good?”

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